Special Services

Special Services

Nothing makes a pet feel more relaxed while their owner is away than having a special friend stay at home with them.

Special Services

Medication visit

If your pet has medication that you need administered on a specific schedule we can come just for administering pet medications while you are at work or on vacation, or you are there and just need some extra help.

Rest easy knowing your pets prescriptions will be administered on time.
Our pet sitters are trained in administering insulin shots, ointments, pills, eye drops, and other medications. We also have experience administering subcutaneous fluids.

  • If you need to have us administer medications during a normal pet sitting visit, that is already included in the cost of your visit, you do not add this service on.

Taxi and errands

Do you need your pet transported to the vet or groomer?
If you are busy at work but your pup needs to be groomed during the day we can help!
Have you recently had surgery or are ill? We can taxi your pets where they need to go.
We can stay with your pet during the vet appointment and taxi them back home.
Do you have errands that need to be done, but can’t seem to make the time for it?
Let us help you!

+Taxi for Veterinarian appointments
+Taxi for Groomer appointments
+Taxi for Dog Daycare
+Pick up your dogs food
+Pick up Pet Prescriptions

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Special Services #3

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