House Sitting

House Sitting

Nothing makes a pet feel more relaxed while their owner is away than having a special friend stay at home with them. Our Pet Sitters sleepover at your home while you are away. You will have care for your home and pets! This service is a 10-12 hours visit, typically between 9 PM – 7 AM. This service is a wonderful option for pets that need late night and early morning potty times.


We can feed your pets when we arrive at night and then there is time for a few hours of play time or cuddles. Your Pet Sitter sleeps overnight at your home and then when it is morning everyone wakes up for another potty time and breakfast. You can add a Mid Day Dog walk or drop in visit in addition to sleepovers.

We offer overnight sleepovers in Kennewick, Richland, West Richland, and Pasco.

We also service Finley, Burbank, and Benton City.

Nothing makes a pet feel more relaxed while their owner is away than having a special friend stay at home with them. We are happy to feed, water, and do other chores in the morning and evening

We can also combine overnight visits with drop in visits during the day!

House Sitting #1
House Sitting #2

No Pets at home? Want someone to check on your home and water plans?

We can Do that too!!

We offer Security Checks of your home while you are away and your pets are traveling with you. We do a perimeter check of the house and grounds, check doors and windows, alternate lights and blinds, check toilets and water heaters for leaks and check for anything that seems out of place.


We base the pricing on how long of a visit you think would be best. Most visits for cats and rodents only take 15 minutes, but feeding the horses or hanging out with the dog, will normally take longer.

Dog walks

  • We can walk your dog before feeding
  • We tailor the walk to your dogs needs, health, and weather

Medications and Supplements

  • We keep your pets on their medication schedule
  • Administer injections as directed
  • Give prescribed medications as directed
  • Apply ointments per instructions
  • Administer eye drops per instructions
  • We also add supplements to your pets food as directed


  • Wash wet and dry food bowls
  • Clean and refill water bowls with fresh water
  • Scoop litter boxes daily
  • Sweep stray litter outside of litter boxes
  • Clean pet accidents; ie, vomit, hair balls and diarrhea
  • Pick up waste with our poopy bags during dog walks

Feeding and Giving Fresh Water

  • We keep your pets on their feeding schedules
  • Feed canned and dry food per your instructions
  • Check auto-feeders and ensure they are on, have food, and are functioning
  • Give fresh water, either tap or filtered water
  • Check and refill food and water gravity feeders
  • Refill water fountains and clean filters
  • Feeding hay, grains or other food for livestock
  • Refilling water troughs and chicken water containers
  • Feed fish, birds, and other animals per your instructions

Home care

  • Bring in newspaper and mail daily
  • Daily check for packages to be brought inside
  • Alternate interior and exterior lights as directed
  • Open and close curtains or blinds as directed
  • Water inside and outside plants
  • Check the security of your home
  • Take trash out to the curb on trash day
  • Bring trash can back to home after pick up

Loving and Personalized Pet Care

  • We bring our own laser toy for cats
  • Your dog can enjoy a game of fetch
  • Entice your cats with their favorite string or toy
  • Play with your dogs favorite squeaky toys
  • Start a game of Tug -O-War
  • Give their favorite treats as directed
  • Belly rubs and ear scratches happily given
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